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General Dentistry

Treat your teeth to a day at the dentist.

Grosse Pointe’s Premier Destination for General Dentistry Services

“Brush your teeth morning and night, and don’t forget to floss.” This is a statement we’ve all heard since we were young, instilling a sense of responsibility for our teeth and gums. While these two steps are crucial in maintaining proper oral hygiene, they’re not the only actions you should take to ensure optimal dental hygiene. At My Family Dental Grosse Pointe, we provide patients with general dentistry treatments to keep their teeth and gums healthy, functional, and in excellent condition.

Each of our general dentistry services is tailored to your specific needs, addressing your concerns promptly and efficiently. From dental bridges and root canals to teeth cleanings and emergency dental treatments, you can achieve a radiant smile that lasts for years to come. The best part is that we prioritize your time, taking into consideration that no one enjoys spending hours in the dental chair. Our streamlined processes and advanced technology allow us to perform your treatments quickly and comfortably. Explore our dental treatments below and schedule an appointment with us.

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Located in Grosse Pointe, MI, My Family Dental is proud to offer comprehensive general dentistry services to residents of all ages. Whether you need a routine check-up, a thorough teeth cleaning, or more advanced procedures like dental bridges and root canals, our experienced team is here to provide quality care.

Your oral health and comfort are our top priorities. We take the time to understand your symptoms, concerns, and goals before we recommend any general dentistry treatments. At the end of the day, our goal is to make every dental visit as efficient and pleasant as possible. Don’t wait to achieve the radiant smile you deserve. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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